A Bit About Us

Biggs and Hill is on a mission to make the spaces you live in feel like amazing places to be. Because where you live can be a space you love, with your own flair, personality and style, whether you rent or own, whether you're passing through or staying for the long haul.

At Biggs and Hill we stick to a few rules: Superb quality natural materials; eye catching design; fast shipping and, of course, great customer service. We curate or design everything in-house and collaborate with artisans in India, Europe and the UK and to bring new, vibrant and distinctive handmade designs to our range, as well as producing unique limited edition textiles in our studio in Sussex, UK.

With a background in interior design, furniture design, logistics and textiles, Ruth and Will and their team have created a business that is all about beautifully made, naturally luxurious living and bedroom textiles that can instantly revitalise a home and make it feel like your own space, full of individuality and personality. At Biggs and Hill we love to travel, to experience new things and explore the world in colour, then come home to a space that feels unique and personal, full of the eclectic treasures and memories. 

We look forward to helping make your home a fabulous place to live in.